Günther Sproll, Marketing Director of Liebherr Appliances, is handed the award by CHIP’s Wolfgang Pauler.

Quality, Design and Innovation. That’s the brand promise that goes into each and every one of our products

Readers of German gadget magazine CHIP agree we live by this promise. They have voted Liebherr their favorite refrigerator brand of 2016/17.

Vote of Confidence: Liebherr is Reliable and Trustworthy

24.3% of participants in the CHIP reader’s choice awards voted for Liebherr, making it Germany’s favorite refrigerator brand. 51.9% of those voters cited the reliability of our products. 30.7% consider Liebherr to be a trustworthy brand. 23.3% were won over by the fact that our refrigerators are “Made in Germany”.*

We are honored by the trust people have put into our products for over 60 years. As our own market research indicates, we have very loyal owners. When buying a replacement or additional refrigerator, owners of a Liebherr choose our brand again. To our customers we say: Thank you for choosing Liebherr!

Have you not joined the Liebherr family yet? There’s a refrigerator for everyone in our range of freestanding, built-in and fully integrated refrigerators. Our wine cabinets are standard setting design highlights for any home, keeping the collections of wine connoisseurs safe. Check to find the Liebherr that fits your life!


*Liebherr refrigerators sold in the United States and Canada are DESIGNED IN GERMANY and manufactured at our production plants in Ochenhausen, Germany or Lienz, Austria