If you sometimes suspect that your old freezer is not working properly, you can check it out with a very simple trick, and all you need is a coin…

Coin_ Freezer

Have you ever opened your freezer compartment or freezer only to discover small puddles of water or that your frozen vegetables have suddenly clumped together into a big lump? These things can indicate that your freezer compartment or freezer isn’t working as it should and, in order to establish whether it is or isn’t, there is a trick with a coin that you can use. Read on to find out what to do.

1. Place a container filled with water in the freezer compartment.

2. As soon as the water has completely frozen, place a coin onto the surface of the ice.

Now, if your freezer really is failing from time to time, over time the water in the container will thaw a little and the coin will gradually sink downwards. Depending on the duration of the freezer failure, the coin will either re-freeze suspended in the ice or – in a worse case scenario – sink right to the bottom. If the coin remains unchanged lying on top of the ice, it means that the freezer compartment or freezer is working properly.

This coin method is particularly useful if you’re going to be away from home for an extended period and you would like to find out whether or not your frozen food is still edible on your return. Partially thawed then refrozen food not only changes its taste, it can also be unsafe for consumption. Due caution is advised!

By the way: Liebherr’s new BluPerformance appliances feature a visual and acoustic alarm to alert you if there is a power failure or if the door is left open, both of which can also lead to food defrosting, with the same consequences as described above.

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