Step: 1/8

Thaw the spinach. Wash the white and red radishes and finely slice. Place in a bowl and season lightly with salt.

Step: 2/8

Wash the chives, shake dry and chop finely. Peel and thinly slice the onion.

Step: 3/8

Drain the radishes, then mix with the onion and chives. Mix the rapeseed oil, mustard and vinegar, season and mix with the radish salad.

Step: 4/8

Place the quark in a clean tea towel and squeeze out the excess water.

Step: 5/8

Grate the nutmeg. Peel and crush the garlic. Mix both with the quark, eggs, breadcrumbs, salt and black pepper.

Step: 6/8

Drain the spinach with your hands, cut into small pieces and fold into the quark mixture.

Step: 7/8

Using damp hands, shape the mixture into 8 balls.

Step: 8/8

Roll the balls in flour and fry in olive oil over a medium heat for 4-5 minutes until golden brown all over. Serve with the radish salad.