BioFresh lets you keep fruit, vegetables, meat, sausages and dairy products for much longer. But just how much longer do the foods keep their freshness and vitamins at temperatures just above 0 °C? And how long do products stay fresh in the fridge or freezer? You can get a handy fold-out card with all storage times at a glance by downloading the PDF for free, as well as a deluxe glass cooling carafe when you buy a BioFresh appliance. We’re also going to be telling you all sorts of useful information about our clever fresh food compartment.


Fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, fish, meat and sausages are delicate and soon start to look less fresh. When stored in the BioFresh safe, they not only keep for much longer, but also preserve their vitamins and nutrients for longer. The most important effect of this technology is that precision electronics help make sure food is stored at temperatures of just above 0 °C.

BioFresh: the ideal storage climate

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Alongside the temperature, humidity also plays an important part. Humidity control in the BioFresh compartments allows them to be individually adjusted as DrySafes or HydroSafes. DrySafes with low humidity (dry environment) are ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products. Fruit and vegetables are best kept in the HydroSafe. If it is well filled, there is a fresh-as-dew climate with a humidity of up to 90 percent. Fruit and vegetables naturally have a higher water content and it is important to maintain this when storing them. The high humidity in the HydroSafe means the water is not lost from the food – keeping it crispier and fresher for longer. The handy slide control allows you to increase or reduce the humidity in the HydroSafe according to the type of products kept in it and how full it is.

BioFresh app provides valuable information on food and how to keep it

The free BioFresh app also gives you lots of information about various foods – and how long you can store them. The app tells you all you need to know about your food and what’s in it. It also provides a comparison of storage times between conventional refrigeration and BioFresh. Its detailed presentation of the food means you can quickly and easily look up all the information you need about vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and dairy products. With one click, you can see the vitamins and minerals in various foodstuffs. You can also search specifically for products.

Liebherr appliances with BioFresh

Here is an overview of the appliances that come with BioFresh technology:

* Free-standing appliances with BioFresh

* Built-in appliances with BioFresh


Specially designed for fish and seafood: the Fish & Seafood Safe

Some of our appliances have another compartment in addition to BioFresh. In the Fish & Seafood Safe, the temperature can be cooled down to -2 °C. This makes it perfect for keeping fish and seafood. Click here to find out all about this clever storage solution.

If you have any questions about BioFresh or the Fish & Seafood Safe, feel free to get in touch! Chat to us on Facebook or phone 01 4600064.