In the olden times people have “snacked” at noon usually after they are done with their field work or animal work. In today’s hectic lifestyle eating early is considered healthy. If your one of those who prefers to replenish energy before starting tasks then you need to begin your day with tons of energy. 

Planning what to cook for breakfast in the morning can be a task and what better way than to have different kinds of breakfast each day. We bring you 7 kinds of breakfast options that not only are healthy but interesting to make. Add a new surprise for your family every day.

  1. A bowl of Quinoa, spinach and black beans

There is something very charming in the warm, non-traditional breakfast. This dish is full of protein and complex carbohydrates that can keep you up to lunch time. And adding green foods increases the fiber that will help digestion and digestion.

  1. Porridge with blueberries, seeds and nuts:

If the morning is not your favorite time and you feel tired, it’s the perfect breakfast for you. Porridge will not only satiate you, but also give you the energy you need.

  1. Rye bread with avocado, broccoli and eggs

The mornings determine how the rest of the day will be and what a better start with the aroma of toasted bread. A healthy combination of traditional toasted bread with avocado, broccoli and boiled egg is the perfect combination of carbohydrates, healthy fats , protein and fiber.

  1. Fritta

Lovers of non-standard meals will be pleased. Here you can experiment – put the vegetables of your choice, add cheese, onions, broccoli and mushrooms. Your energy for the day is guaranteed with all the veggies and the taste.

  1. Spaghetti eggs with spinach and avocado

Another variation of a combination of traditional and modern taste. Stir eggs with spinach and half avocados. The combination of tastes will make your day better!

  1. Milk with apples, walnuts and cinnamon

This is one of the most delicious and yet healthy snacks. We recommend that you prepare the dish at home because the ready-made fruit contains a large amount of sugar. Cut the apple into cubes, add chopped walnuts and cinnamon. This could be an additional variety on the breakfast table.

Add everything to yoghurt and enjoy the delicious taste. Besides the taste, this breakfast is rich in fiber, protein and beneficial fat.

  1. Vegetable Broth

In case you are supporters of a hot, dietary and food snack, the broth is perfect for you. You can diversify – vegetable broth, meat broth or mixed. This type of breakfast approaches the Asian morning meal. The broth of meat is more nutritious to cook it, use meat to cook or leave some meat. Warm the meat in a saucepan, add vegetables as desired. If you want the broth to become even more nutritious, add a broken egg.

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