A bright red skin covered in green scales sounds like a ferocious beast from the fairytales! On the inside, it carries black dots on a white suit and is popularly known as the dragon fruit. Read along as we unfold its mystery!

Say hello to the dragon!

Didn’t recognize the name dragon fruit? Maybe these names might ring some bells- Pitahya or strawberry pear. The fruit is native to Central America and just like its multiple names, it comes in several varieties that differ in colour and sweetness. For instance, the yellow dragon fruit is the sweetest variety but the sour dragon fruit- as the name suggests- is the least sweet.

Did someone say healthy?

Now then, what’s a fruit without it being loaded with numerous health benefits? Dragon fruit is rich in fiber, namely the prebiotic fiber that promotes the growth of the healthy bacteria in your gut. It is also rich in antioxidants like flavonoids that shield your cells from damage by free radicals. This peculiar-looking fruit is packed with vitamin C which helps in maintaining a healthy immune system and is a good source of iron as well.

Savor the fruit.

The fruit tastes delicious whether you eat it alone or include it in a recipe. To eat it alone, slice it in half and scoop a portion from the inside with a spoon. The leftover fruit can be kept in a sealed container or plastic bag and stored in the fridge. However, once the fruit starts to turn brown, you can dispose it off. You can even whip up a quick salad with dragon fruit, berries and probably any other ingredient based on what your palate’s like! Craft a rich smoothie with it or add it in yogurt or ice cream, the fruit always leaves that sweet, fresh taste behind!


From the market to the fridge.

Mind you, your recipe tastes best when the fruit is fresh and ripe. The best kind of dragon fruit is mildly soft and has even-coloured skin. Ignore the ones that are covered in dark blotches and are super soft. The cool interiors of a Liebherr make a cozy spot for your dragon fruit. To increase your fruit’s shelf-life, store it in Liebherr’s EasyFresh Drawer that lets you control the humidity level inside based on the food’s requirements.

Next time you are in the grocery store, watch out for this cute little dragon sitting in the corner waiting to be enjoyed right!

Mystery solved.