As bizarre as it may sound, pineapple is a legit pizza topping now. And yes, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, other than ignoring it, which clearly is not made for us. But to think of it, who, in their right mind, could have come up with this combination? Although we have the answer to this, we would like you to pause and take a guess.

If your immediate thought was Italy, you know it’s the weakest first guess. You ought to know by now how seriously Italians take their pizza. After all, it is what they eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe, for a midnight snack again. So no, the answer cannot be the abode of authentic pizzas.

If you guessed Hawaii, you’re wrong again. Just because it’s called Hawaiian pizza does not mean it belongs to Hawaii. Just like French fries belong to Belgium, and samosas to Iran (we know, that one hurt us too), Hawaiian pizza too belongs elsewhere.

We’re just going to kill the suspense and come back to our main point, i.e. the origins of this bizarre invention. This Hawaiian pizza actually finds its origins in the small town of Chatham, in Ontario, Canada. What’s more surprising is that it was invented by a Greek-born Canadian, Sam Panopoulos. Just to think that a Greek, born in Canada, could put such a Hawaiian twist to an Italian staple is just wild.

But the wildness is not limited to its origins. It spreads throughout the spectrum of its taste, texture, add-ons and so much more. Contrary to popular belief, the sweet tangy flavour of pineapple just hits the right spot when paired with some salty ham, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. However anti-Hawaiian pizza you might be, this combination of flavours does sound a little intriguing, doesn’t it? And what if you made this masterpiece at home, all by yourself? You could probably give it your own spin or two, too! Making pizza dough isn’t that difficult. And the rest of the ingredients just seamlessly combine together. But the task is finding the right pineapple. That’s right, we’re team fresh pineapple! When you can preserve the freshness of a pineapple, or almost anything, perfectly in a Liebherr, why would you, rather, how dare you choose canned products?

For starters, pineapple is actually a fruit with an acquired taste. Not everyone comprehends its burst of explosive flavours in a shot. But try a freshly-sliced pineapple, perfectly chilled in a Liebherr, and what you’ll end up with is, a masterpiece. This aromatic, full-flavoured fruit is sure to transcend you to tropical heaven, if not more. So, you can continue to argue about the belongingness of this particular fresh fruit, i.e. pineapple on pizza, but you surely can’t ignore it. So maybe, like the rest of us, try to give it a shot for pineapple’s sake!