These days, quite a number of Liebherr fridges come with our unique SmartSteel finish: a stylish as well as highly practical finish that significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints. But, how does this clever surface work?

In your home, you might just have a few certain someones who have to touch everything: dear little souls who haven’t quite got to grips with the idea of ‘see with your eyes, not with your hands’. Perhaps these ‘little people’ end up leaving fingerprints all over the things that you’d prefer they didn’t – refrigerators being the classic example? Well, that’s exactly why Liebherr developed, quite some time ago, the perfect solution: SmartSteel. After all, having fingerprints smeared all over your beautiful stainless steel fridge isn’t the best of looks.

Protection against fingerprints and scratches

So, if you count among those who prefer not to have a fridge that’s covered in fingerprint smudges, SmartSteel is for you. This specially treated and uniquely processed stainless steel surface significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints and also has another advantage: it is much less sensitive to scratches. So, should you accidentally catch your fridge door with something, you can feel confident that no lasting damage is likely to be done – after all, scratches on your appliances are just as unsightly as fingerprints.

Things to keep in mind when cleaning

Doors with the SmartSteel stainless steel surface must be treated with special care. For general cleaning, they should be wiped with a soft, dry, clean cloth. However, if there are particularly stubborn marks to remove, a little bit of water or neutral detergent can be used to clean the doors. But, please note: never use a stainless steel cleaner on any SmartSteel surface, as this will damage its special coating.

BlackSteel –SmartSteel with extra exclusivity

Liebherr’s BlackSteel is an exclusive version of SmartSteel that gives the appliance a sophisticated black finish and, of course, enduringly stylish appeal. We have recently introduced this model in India too, which you come and experience at our World’s First ExperienceCenter in Mumbai,

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