Most of us, as kids, despised eating vegetables. Some of us are still stuck there. And then there’s a few who love vegetables. But vegetable extras? That zone has been a decently unrecognized one for a long time. But that changes now!


Decades ago, our elders would’ve saved every penny in the house. Saving had a meaning back then, and the word waste just didn’t exist. And now we’re here. A generation of people who need more noodles, less vegetables, who’ll eat everything off the steak except for the boiled vegetables and lastly, the generation whose version of healthy snacking is a scoop of strawberry ice cream.


People don’t even realize they’re wasting most of the time. And just because it’s the easy way out, it shouldn’t be the direction one should head in. In fact, when it comes to food, we should be more cautious. So if you do have some leftovers from last night, discarding isn’t the solution.  Instead, reusing is. For instance, reuse your vegetable extras for a good reason – stalk. The rich nutrients and fibers of vegetables extend to its roots. These extras come in handy when you need some useful stalk! Add them to boiling water, wait for the nutrients to disperse, and there, you have it! Delicious veggie stalk. Pro tip: Freeze the vegetable extras beforehand for better results.


The heads of vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli etc. are just as healthy as the whole vegetable. You can easily consume them or add them to your recipes, but only after a clean rinse. However, if you still think all this would go in vain, let us give you a hypothetical situation.


Picture this. Your vegetables are chilling in the refrigerator like a kid chills every other day. The vegetables have found their cozy spot and are sorted perfectly well in Liebherr’s Vegetable Sorting System. Or the oh-so-famous EasyFresh Technology. Fresh as ever, you take the vegetables out to make an appetizing soup. You chop the vegetables in perfect bite-sized pieces. Remember, perfection is key, both inside, and outside a Liebherr.


Gathering all the seasonings required, you proceed to the next step. You start filling the cooking pot with water. Suddenly, you hear a faint beeping sound that only gets louder with every passing second. “What’s that?”, you ask yourself. And in no time, you realize, it’s the water filter. The water supply has been cut off, the filter isn’t working and there’s no drinking water anywhere. You’re panicking now more than ever because this soup was your dinner!


Guess what could’ve saved the day now?


If you guessed vegetable stalk made from previously stored vegetable extras, we’ve made our point. And if you didn’t, you could always read the above incident again, and wish you’d saved those vegetable extras, along with this article.