The second I saw the orange Liebherr I knew instantly this was the perfect fridge/freezer for my new home.

Michael Pybus
When artist
Michael Pybus decided to leave London after 20 years for a change of scenery, his new home in the heart of Manchester, became quite literally a blank canvas. 

Having held solo exhibitons internationally and featured in public and private collections, Michael’s colourful and thought-provoking art focuses on our relationship with pop culure.

Colourful home of artist Michael Pybus.

This is a new build apartment in Manchester City center. I had been living in London for 20 years prior and a few months ago decided to relocate my home and studio to Manchester as I wanted a change in scene and really love this city.” 

Michael’s new home is a 2-bedroom apartment on the top floor of an 8-storey building with far-reaching views across the north-west city. 

“I treat my home design as an extension of my art practice.” 

Taking inspiration and visual direction from 8 bit video games played as a child, as well as other references like the 1997 IKEA catalogue, Lego, Nickelodeon and the postmodern design movent Michael has created a visually stimulating space to call home. 

“Instead of painting the space in one colour I wanted to use a different colour on every surface to really draw attention to the space and have it shift from every angle as you move through it. I like to use colour to create flow and surprises in a space, so the orange fridge/freezer was perfect for this.”

Michael Pybus.

The outcome is a unified space of bold contrasting shapes and colours and this doesn’t stop at the appliances too. 

“Often appliances look like an afterthought in a room, functional but not complementary to the over all design of the room. The second I saw the orange Liebherr I knew instantly this was the perfect fridge/freezer for my new home. It is such an unusual colour and has a beautiful minimal aesthetic which announces itself confidently but doesn’t overwhelm a space. It’s has more of sculptural feeling to me rather than that of an appliance. I wish more companies were willing to push design boundaries like this.”

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