Did you know your fridge can be an inspiration for healthy eating? Stocking up on healthy food and utilising your fridge in the right way can inspire and encourage healthy habits.
Here are some tops tips on how to get your fridge working in-tune for your healthy eating. 

Manage your inventory! 

The first step should be to check all the contents in your fridge and throw out any expired items that have gone significantly past their intended use. Whilst some of these expired items in your fridge will still be fine to eat and enjoy, it is crucial to “de-clutter”. A cluttered fridge will limit your ability to pluck out the healthy foods hiding amongst items that are hardly ever used.

Keep your fridge decluttered

Up Your Veg Game! 

The key to a healthy fridge is plenty of fruit and vegetables! By embracing more fruit and vegetables. By doing this, you’ll have plenty of good healthy options waiting for you behind the fridge door. By eating with the seasons, choosing organic and keeping your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer in Liebherr BioFresh drawers, you’ll be more inclined to get into healthy habits and love your veg! For more great tips on upping your veg game head to our FreshMAG article guest written by Vegcentric bloggers Joey and Katy.

Healthy Yoghurts 

Low Sugar or sugar-free yoghurts are a great item to keep stored in your fridge for those moments when you need a healthy snack to help you feel full. If you’re exercising more frequently to accompany your healthy eating, then high-protein yoghurts are ideal for assisting with recovering and building muscle. Top Tip: If you’re looking for a high-protein or low-sugar version always check the 100g numbers on the packaging. If you’re buying multipacks though check the “per serving” stats.


Snack Jars and Portions

Re-using jars from old condiments (perhaps the ones from the de-clutter!) and making snack jars is the perfect way to get healthy snacks at your eye level in the fridge.

Meal Prep

Getting ahead of the “curve-balls” life throws at you and prepping healthy meals is invokes better choices and limits the craving and sometimes need for unhealthy quick and easy meals when you’re up against time. 

Not just for body-builders or fitness professionals, this meal-prep phenomenon has helped all types of people get into healthy habits. Of course, we have FreshMAG tips on this subject, head here to read our article on meal prep tips.

Healthy Hydration Wins 

Replace sugary drinks with filtered water or sugar-free options or smoothies you can make one or two days in advance. 

Freezer Is Your Friend

The freezer can be an ally of healthy eating too! Freeze fruit like blueberries to pop in glasses of water and even yoghurts. Replacing frozen pizzas and chips with frozen veg is an ideal way of having healthy options to accompany every meal at the blink of an eye!

Boiled-eggs heathy eating

Snacks With A Protein Punch 

Batch cooking boiled eggs is our top tip for keeping healthy, but filling snacks available when you need them. Great for a pre-workout or post-workout snack too due to the high protein content. Boiled eggs need refrigerating within 2 hours of being made, in an internal shelf of the fridge and will keep for roughly one week. Our tip here is to add a sticker to the container with the date you made them!