BioFresh-Plus, with separate electronic controls, delivers flexible and precise temperature regulation at 0°C, -2°C or 6°C, so that you can keep dairy products, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables fresh for even longer.

This unique and sophisticated technology enables food to be kept fresh for far longer than previously possible, at a temperature of around 0°C. Fish, meat, cheese, fruit, tropical fruit and vegetables can be stored in the environment that suits them best, whether that’s in the DrySafe or in the HydroSafe, and slide controls enable you to adjust the humidity level according to the foods stored.

Fish and seafood

Fish and seafood are optimally stored at -2°C

However, BioFresh-Plus offers even more versatile storage: with separate electronic controls, the temperature in the upper BioFresh safe can be regulated to the exact degree according to the produce stored. So, for example, if you want to store fish or seafood, the temperature can be lowered to -2°C at the press a button, thereby doubling the time it can be kept.

But why -2°C? Well, when fish is caught it is quickly cooled and stored on the ship in a salt water and ice mix at around -2°C. Studies by the Max Rubner Institute in Hamburg have confirmed that this extends the shelf life of the fish.

Tropical Fruit

On the other hand, if you want to store tropical fruit in the BioFresh safe, set the temperature to 6°C and increase the humidity level as this will create the most suitable storage climate. It makes sense – after all, tropical fruit comes from warm climates and is therefore highly sensitive to cold temperatures. Or, if you are storing dairy products and meat you will find that they benefit from being stored in the DrySafe at 0°C and at low humidity.


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