The Liebherr Group: Over 41,500 employees. More than 130 companies. Over 50 countries around the world. And still, it is very likely that you have never heard of us. Find out more about our family-owned company from Germany. 

Founded in 1949, Liebherr’s mobile cranes were essential in rebuilding Germany. In 1954, refrigeration was added to the portfolio when, when Liebherr Appliances started operating from Ochsenhausen, Germany.

Liebherr’s international expansion began in Ireland. The location of the factory and infrastructure of 1950’s rural Ireland influenced Liebherr’s next, and maybe most surprising, expansion: The hospitality industry. Today, six world-class hotels welcome you in Germany, Austria and Ireland.

The Liebherr Group, an independent, family owned company, has operations in a diverse range of product worlds:

The Liebherr Group in North America

Liebherr’s venture into the United States began in 1970. Within a couple of years, the company completed its production facilities in Newport News, VA for its product line of hydraulic excavators. It was later converted into Liebherr’s manufacturing facility for mining trucks. It remains home to Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News, Co.

Liebherr markets a wide variety of products and technologies through its companies across the United States. Today, Liebherr USA, Co., is the umbrella company for eight divisions that are positioned across the United States.

Liebherr-Canada Ltd. was founded in 1973 to facilitate sales, marketing and after sales of Liebherr products in Canada. Today, the company is primarily engaged in earth-moving machines, material handling machines, mobile and crawler cranes, cargo handling cranes and mining trucks.

Residential and commercial refrigeration products have been available in North America since the early 2000’s.

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