Step: 1/12

Arrange all ingredients for use.

Step: 2/12

Thoroughly wash the potatoes and place in a pan. Cover with water.

Step: 3/12

Add some sea salt and bring to the boil.

Step: 4/12

Boil the potatoes half-covered for 20 minutes.

Step: 5/12

Drain off any leftover water after cooking. To obtain the classic wrinkled salt crust put the moist potatoes back in the pan over the heat.

Step: 6/12

Heat until the skin looks dry. Occasionally shake the pan so that all the potatoes are evenly salted.

Step: 7/12

For the mojo sauce, dry the washed herbs and chop roughly.

Step: 8/12

Place in a blender. Peel the garlic cloves, halve and deseed the chililes and add them to the herbs.

Step: 9/12

Finely puree everything and gradually add the oil until a creamy sauce is formed.

Step: 10/12

Season with lime juice, cumin and pepper.

Step: 11/12

Season with salt and pepper.

Step: 12/12

Place the mojo in a small bowl and serve as dip with the potatoes.