Storing food in the refrigerator can be a task as the temperature varies and the humidity levels are also not uniform as well the traditional refrigerators do not support in food to store for a longer period of time. So what’s the solution, well we give you five reasons to opt for Liebherr’s range of refrigerators that help you store food for a longer period of time ensuring its stays fresh and healthy.

Liebherr’s BioFresh technology is a compartment which stores fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, fish and seafood at just above 0°C. By storing at just above freezing point, food will last longer than traditional refrigeration methods, which are usually around 4°C (give or take one degree). This means you have more time to use foods you have purchased or grown, resulting in much less food wastage.


What else can Liebherr BioFresh do for you?

So, you might think that preserving your food is all Liebherr BioFresh is good for? Well think again. There are many benefits to owning a refrigerator with BioFresh technology and they don’t all specifically relate to the actual food that goes inside.

We’ve put together a list of the top five ways BioFresh can contribute to a healthier mind and body, plus a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Let’s not forget the little financial perks either.

  • Money in your pocket – Your fresh food lasts significantly longer so you have more days to allow you to use it all. Therefore, you are not throwing food away, essentially throwing money down the drain. Plus, less frequent trips to the store means the reduced risk of purchasing unnecessary items we don’t really need.
  • Time to do the things you enjoy – With fresh food lasting longer, you can shop less frequently. Knowing that your food has a longer expiration date, you can avoid the effort of trekking to the shops for fresh foods every day.
  • Peace of mind – Less trips to the store can mean less vehicle pollution. Reducing food wastage, means there’s less of an impact on the environment, such as waste in landfills. When we know our personal foot print is making less of an impact on the environment, it can be beneficial to our peace of mind.
  • Improving your health – Studies have proven that fresh foods stored in Liebherr BioFresh compartments retain more valuable vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial to your well-being.
  • Satisfaction for your taste buds – Fresh food is not only a health benefit, but it tastes better too. So, the longer it stays fresher, the longer your taste buds get to enjoy the full fresh flavours.

You can explore the BioFresh technology live at the Liebherr Experience Center located in Mumbai or visit our website for more information on refrigerators with BioFresh technology.

To know which food item can be stored for how many days we have an app designed that lets you know the BioFresh App.

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