When we dive into the history of garlic, we are made aware of its original usage in society as a form of a medical remedy. It has an antibiotic called ‘allicin’, which helps our body fight against infections and bacteria. From rescuing the epidemic of cholera to treating high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, this herb has always been a savior. But still, that’s not what it is known for.

Strong aroma and distinctive taste is what the key identity of garlic is. When added to the dish, garlic heightens its overall flavor and makes it ten times more delicious. One recognizes the ingredient the moment it is added to the pan and prepared for cooking. You must have enjoyed it in these popular dishes without a doubt:

Garlic bread – From children to their parents, garlic bread is a classic favorite pick of many people.
Garlic mushroom pasta – A dish of pasta becomes a delicious dish of pasta when you add some good ol’ garlic sauce in it.
Garlic cheese balls – One bite of this all-time favorite snack and your mouth is filled with creamy texture. A perfect evening delight for sure!

There are many people who wonder whether garlic should be eaten raw daily. If you’re one of those, let us tell you – eating raw garlic daily is one of the smartest and healthiest ways to maintain good health. However, if you notice any side effects, consider reducing your garlic intake. Raw garlic may sound bizarre but it is extremely rich in nutrients that can be directly provided to our body, courtesy of its fresh consumption. Many people prefer having a clove of garlic after their meal (at the risk of having a bad breath that lingers for quite a long time!) However, the popular usage of garlic is in the form of crushed powder, smooth paste or as oil in many dishes.

Whether in Indian culture, Italian or American, some individuals prefer not including garlic because of its overpowering taste that dominates other flavours at times. There are even ethnic groups that totally avoid consuming garlic. But people who prefer this herb, use it very frequently, even in staple dishes like rice and curry.

Hence, it is important to keep your garlic always fresh. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure its healthy preservation:

At room temperature
An unopened garlic bulb can be stored in mesh bags at room temperature. But, once the bulb is broken, remember to use it within 10 days as eventually it would lose its freshness and health benefits.

In the refrigerator
In your Liebherr, you can store garlic for a longer period of time. Remember that if you want to refrigerate it, you should be placing the unopened bulbs in a container. Once you take these out, make sure to use them entirely. If not, then the garlic will start sprouting out and won’t be suitable to eat.

The reason why garlic is found in every household is because it was deeply rooted in the cultures of the society since the beginning of the times. Soldiers used to eat garlic to prepare for wars, while ancient greek society used garlic to protect from the evil’s eye. Over the period of years, garlic has proved to be a good herb.

The next time you feel the strong aroma of garlic in your kitchen, know that you’re adding both health and taste to your dish.