Unlike other food materials, milk and dairy products need a careful preservation method. They must be handled and refrigerated carefully for longer life. We are not supposed to keep the dairy products at room temperature for a particular period of time. Of course, because they are too sensitive to heat and can be spoiled due to this exposure, be cautious with their refrigeration methods as they play an integral part in our daily food habits. Here are some examples of dairy products that require safe refrigerating methods:

Milk is susceptible to room temperature, and it is mandatory that we should ensure safe methods to make its life stronger. The best way to ensure its long-lasting usage is by refrigerating it. An alternative approach to store milk is to get it frozen for a more extended period so that it will stay good up to 2 months. But keep in mind, the milk has to be frozen at 0°F. This is not that much preferable as, in some cases, it may not retain the smooth texture of your milk. Therefore, we must always get a thorough knowledge of where to store milk inside a refrigerator. Generally, people tend to keep milk in the refrigerator door for easy access, but this is not at all preferable as it is not a suitable option. The door space is usually affected by frequent temperature fluctuations and ought to be the warmer area than the others inside a refrigerator. Hence, it is ideal to store milk in a ceramic milk pot and place it towards the coolest part inside a refrigerator. Be cautious to avoid keeping any strong-smelling food particles in the refrigerator as milk absorbs smell quicker than any other food.

Compared to other food products, handling cheese is a bit more complicated. This milk product doesn’t need any refrigeration process as we can keep it safe in a cool or dry space. But the right way of handling cheese totally depends on its type and variety. For example, parmesan or hard cheese lasts for about six weeks when stored in refrigerators. But cheese like mozzarella or the one with higher water content can be stored for about 3 to 4 months. Also, the cheese won’t dry out, but we should change the water at least twice a week. Soft cheeses, for example, animal milk cheese, tend to develop a pungent smell if stored for a prolonged period of time. In such cases, they can only be refrigerated for a maximum of 3 to 4 days.

It is always advisable to keep butter in vapour proof and closed storage containers, preferably brass or silver, because butter quickly absorbs the smell of other food items stored inside a refrigerator. Also, it is better to wrap the butter before you keep the same in a container. If appropriately refrigerated at a temperature below 30° F, the butter doesn’t tend to spoil. But at high temperature or room temperature, the butter melts away, which eventually decreases its flavour and pleasant smell. In the case of butter, this is also not preferred to be stored inside the door of the refrigerator because the cooling conditions of this particular portion are different from that of the other areas inside. Apart from all these, the main idea that we have to keep in mind is to preserve butter covered so that it won’t absorb any other orders from other food particles stored inside the refrigerator.

Ice cream
This is the most loveable milk product in the whole world. Usually, we won’t get a chance to keep the leftover ice cream safe because of our superpower to make them disappear within seconds. But ice creams, if at all need preservation, don’t spoil, When stored in their original packaging below 0° F temperature. If so, it can last up to 2 months. And if you want to keep it more for a more extended period, you can freeze it and cover it in properly covered or airtight containers. Remember that if the ice cream is refrigerating in its original packaging, we should use plastic wrap to secure its open surface to prevent it from forming ice crystals around. This helps us to retain its creamy and smooth texture. It is preferred to finish the ice cream within 6 to 7 days because there is a chance of losing its original taste and quality each time we take it out from the refrigerator. And if not anything, Liebherr has a safe space for your favourite milk product: the IceCream Box!

Liebherr refrigerators are designed in such a way that your milk and milk products are safe for healthy usage throughout their prescribed storage period. Be a user and experience the easy storage and freshness of each product that you use on a daily basis.