What are jams, really? Are they just an accompaniment filling the void that is our plain-jane toast? Or are they the best thing that’s happened to us, after fruits, of course? We would surely choose the latter.

But what’s so special about making jams during winter, you may ask? Winter indulgence, obviously! But apart from that, you get to work your creative mind with winter fruits and their exotic flavours. It basically enables you to let out your inner culinary artist! Additionally, it is the best way to preserve a myriad of flavours during the winter season. Talking about preservation, guess who’s an expert at that?


Now let us delve into the diverse range of jams that you can make on your own, at home, this winter:

The Classic – Strawberry Jam:

Nothing says nostalgia like a good ol’ jar of strawberry jam. It is their season, and rightfully so, this jam earns its place in every kitchen. A classic strawberry jam is made with just three ingredients – strawberries, sugar and lemon juice. Chop up your strawberries, toss them into a pan and add a whole lot of sugar to it. On low heat, keep stirring until it starts melting away. Squeeze the juice of a lemon, and continue stirring it. Once it reaches its jam consistency, let it cool off and add the final result to a jar.

The Favourite – Mango Jam:

Mango season is almost here, and none of us can contain our excitement, right? What better way to preserve the juicy, sweet & sour and delicious flavours of a mango, than to make a jam out of this iconic fruit? Much like the jam made out of strawberries, mango jam uses the same method. Except, here you may need to go an extra mile. It is important that you remove the most meaty part of the fruit, i.e., the pulp of the mango. The pulp is then added to a lightly hot pan, with sugar and is stirred continuously. Once the sugar begins to dissolve, we add a little squeeze of lemon juice to it, not too much because some mangoes, at times, are already sour. On reaching the consistency of the jam, you take it off the heat and let it cool down. You then add it to your jar, or if you’re like us, start relishing it right away!

The Unique – Pumpkin Jam:

Now this one is a rare choice. Pumpkin is one of those fruits that has an acquired taste. You need to try the right recipes of pumpkin to really like this fruit. And the best way to begin is with a homemade pumpkin jam! Perfect for a pleasant morning, pumpkin jam on toast makes for a healthy breakfast. You need to first clean out your pumpkin by discarding its seeds. Slice it into small wedges so it’s easier to cook with. Like every jam recipe, you add the pumpkin wedges to a pan, and stir it on low heat. Add the juice of an orange, along with grated ginger, a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon and a whole lot of sugar. Start squashing the pumpkin wedges with a spoon so that the spices are easier to incorporate. As soon as it reaches the jam consistency, take it off the heat and immediately transfer it into a jar. This is because this jam does not need any cooling or setting temperature.

The Comforter – Apple Jam:

Apples are a widely liked fruit. And in times like these, eating apples is of utmost importance to build and strengthen your immune system. Since monotony can bore us humans quickly, why not make something versatile with this comfort fruit? Like apple jam! A simple homemade recipe, apple jam requires you to peel off the skin and cut slices of the fruit. You then use a food processor to grate it. Then start cooking the apples in a pot on a stovetop, and add apple cider vinegar. Start stirring it together and sprinkle some cinnamon powder. Add some water to prevent it from sticking. Keep stirring it. Add some sugar, and continue stirring it. It will then reach a mushy consistency, but it will also start bubbling. Keep an eye because your jam is now reducing and thickening. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and continue stirring it. To know whether your apple jam is ready, swipe your spoon through it, and see if it leaves any trails behind. If not, your jam is ready to be served! And eaten too.

A common thing in most of these jams is the method. It is very similar in all the recipes, with most of the difference coming in with the ingredients.

But yet another similarity is that each jam needs to be preserved with care. It needs to retain the fresh taste of the fruit, every time you take it out of the jar. Because, otherwise, what is the point of reducing these beautiful winter fruits into jams?

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