Cheap, no stressful journeys or sunburn! Having a holiday at home lets us see where we live through completely different eyes. There’s finally time for those magical walks to nearby woods and parks. The garden or balcony also finally get the care and attention they deserve. There’s no need to travel for miles or jump on an aeroplane to experience relaxation and something special. Our food can help us with this! We’ve got a few handy tips to help you create those holiday vibes you crave within your own four walls.

Time, relaxation and great food – being on holiday is all about feeling good and recharging your batteries. Enjoying delicious food relaxes, rekindles pleasant memories and conjures up exciting taste experiences. Genuinely enjoying yummy food is good for the mind and soul and certainly doesn’t depend on where you are in the world!

Bella Italia: holiday memories thanks to national specialities

Every holiday destination has its own local specialities and delicacies. Whether it’s that the Mediterranean feel or the laid-back Caribbean – by re-creating local and national dishes we can experience and rekindle holiday memories in our homes. Special crockery or cutlery, local music, a beautifully decorated table, or maybe a fine wine – before you know it, your favourite holiday destination and your home have much more in common.

Spicy Jerk Chicken

Exciting exotic fruits from all over the world

For “ananas e Cocco Bello”, we also don’t have to wait for the call of the beach seller. If we can’t get to the fruit, the fruit will come to us. Exotic fruit is available in the UK virtually all year round. The following exotics fruits add memories of tropical warmth to our fruit salad:

  • Pineapple
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Figs
  • Pomegranates
  • Persimmon
  • Kiwi
  • Lychee
  • Papaya
  • Physalis
  • Coconut

Tasty exotic fruit to create a holiday at home vibe

Summer, sun, ice cream treat

Local fruits can be the perfect touch to get a holiday at home vibe. If you prefer to enjoy your berries or cherries ice-cold, you can use them to conjure up delicious ice cream. It’s quick and easy. Depending on the container size, fruits mixed with natural yoghurt will freeze into a delicious ice cream in around two hours. Yoghurt with a higher fat content is best for making the mixture nice and creamy and the taste more intense. If you’re feeling naughty, extra sugar will also ensure a softer consistency and sweet taste and why not you’re holiday remember! You should also stir the mixture now and again while freezing.

Here’s a tip: if you want it to go quicker, use frozen fruit. Allow the fruit to thaw a bit, add the yoghurt and then purée everything. The thawing is important to avoid overloading the blender or mixer. When the ice cream is finally served out, delicious toppings provide the finishing touches to the ice-cold refreshment. Whether you use chocolate sauce or sprinkles, advocaat, chopped nuts, whole berries, chocolates or fresh mint, give free rein to your creativity and design your own ice cream creations!

Ice cream for a lovely holiday at home

Something special for lemonade and cocktails – decorating the perfect drink

Even soft drinks do not have to settle for a boring, ordinary glass. Clever decoration adds the finishing touch to cocktails and cleverly enhances a simple lemonade. Taste and colour should harmonise with each other. The rule to remember for all types of decoration is less is more.

Holiday At Home refreshing beverage

Here are a few upbeat ideas.

  • Citrus fruits in slices (organic quality)
  • Sliced figs
  • Ice cubes with frozen blossom
  • Edible petals
  • Sprigs of mint, lavender or rosemary
  • Blueberries
  • Frozen berries
  • Pieces of fruit or berries on a wooden skewer
  • Star-shaped melon slices
  • Physalis

Golden Milk: turmeric for golden refreshment

Delicious, healthy and a real eyecatcher. Using turmeric and a few other ingredients, milk drinks can be transformed into a traditional Indian beverage. The basis is cow’s milk or a vegan plant-based drink like oat milk. Turmeric, ginger, some pepper, cinnamon and honey produce a delicious and healthy mix. According to Ayurvedic teachings, the drink activates the body’s self-healing powers and boosts liver function.

The scent of freedom

Many foods not only taste good, but they also smell delicious. Citrus fruits and herbs contain so-called essential oils. The scent of these oils alone can have a considerable influence on our well-being. For example, oils from Citrus fruits are said to have a mood-lifting effect. Lavender, on the other hand, aids relaxation, while mint is invigorating and refreshing. Essential oils are also available in isolated form. When you buy aromatic oils, make sure that they are made of 100% pure essential oil and come from organic cultivation.

Pleasant fragrant experiences can also be brought to your own balcony, terrace or kitchen windowsill. The special scent of basil, parsley, lovage, sage, tarragon, sorrel, thyme, rosemary or mint is guaranteed to put you in a holiday mood and help you relax. You can also spread out orange or lemon peel and enjoy their effect. Fresh strawberries also have a strong smell and bring the summer into the house. In addition to the different taste nuances, you can also enjoy the smell of your food. We hope these tips helped and remember, time, rest and relaxation make recovery from the stresses and pressures of everyday life possible whilst enjoying a holiday at home.

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