Ordering takeout is the new norm. Apart from enabling us to order everything under the sun, takeout has its cons. The fear of the food not being of great quality is one of the common pitfalls of ordering takeout, unless they use Liebherr’s technology to preserve the freshness of food. However, one of the main pitfalls of ordering in food from restaurants are the condiments that come with it. Yes, we said it. As much as we all love us some freebies, condiments are just those futile guests sitting at our house, who plan not to leave for a few decades, if not eons.

That being said, there are a few condiments that do come of use. Have you ever tried making fried rice and suddenly just ran out of soy sauce? Guess who comes to the rescue? That packet of soy sauce that’s been lying in your refrigerator since the time you last ordered Chinese takeout from your favourite, local restaurant. But is it hygienic, you ask? As long as it’s not past its expiration date, we would say you’re good. But should you still use it? We beg to differ.

Condiments are great. And like we said before, they have their pros and cons. Why particularly condiments are an issue is because a lot many individuals completely forget that these condiments exist in their refrigerator. They continue hoarding more and more of these free condiments until they look like a pile of debris at the fridge door.

Take as many condiments as you like, but make sure you use them timely. Not to sound philosophical here, but everything, yes even free things, have their expiration date. Hoard them all you want, but only if you feel they’re going to come to use in the future. And by future, we absolutely do not mean months. We mean days, or at most weeks. Because apart from harming your digestive system, if not used timely, these condiments can really cause a huge mess. They usually are packed in cheap packaging, which in turn causes them to leak. And who in their right mind wants to come home to a dirty refrigerator?

Because picture this – you’ve come home after a long day of work, all set to eat the French fries you ordered in from your favourite fast food chain of restaurants. They’ve given you ketchup sachets, but of course you run out of it. So naturally, you pace to the fridge in the fear that your fries don’t get soggy. But in fact, guess what does turn soggy? Your hands. Because as soon as you reach out to the fridge door, and attempt to skim through the pile of condiments lying there, you realise the stickiness of the barbecue and mustard sauce blend has now touched your fingers. And now, you stand there with a face of disgust, and think to yourself, “Why didn’t I clear the refrigerator of this pile of debris way before?” Because hoarding is love. And in addition, free condiments? Oh yes!

But guess who failed to find ketchup even after all this turmoil? Not us, for sure!