Desserts are the food items that appear wonderful and taste so much better when decorated. A garnish is just an add-on with the primary aim of decoration. However, when skillfully chosen, garnishes showcase their additional purposes as well. This “decorative” component may increase the enjoyment of the meal and take it up a notch by just adding crucial taste, texture and functional features to the presentation of the ultimate dessert.

Garnishes can help overcome the challenge of presenting a frozen component (such as ice cream or sorbet) as part of a served dessert. If an ice cream scoop is placed right on the dish, it will begin melting immediately, ruining the appearance. Garnishes will instead, delay the melting pace, making it simpler to serve and enabling the consumer to savour and appreciate the work put into the presentation.

Today, we tell you how to properly design your cake and how Liebherr may assist you in preserving it for future special occasions! For that, let us dive into the top 5 garnishes of the decade:

Chocolate may be used for a variety of purposes. A chocolate garnish that is too thick might overshadow the dish, so it must be light yet rich. In all circumstances, chocolate must be well tempered to achieve a certain texture and shine. Chocolate curls, fans, and smokes are examples of decorations that may be made by putting a thin coating of tempered chocolate over a marble slab and shaping it after half a set. Cocoa can also be sculpted into forms, combined with nuts and drizzled to produce bark, or combined with cream and spherified to make chocolate caviar.

When chocolate is cooled and then heated to heat, a coating of moisture develops on the surface, causing most of the sugar to melt. To avoid condensation, Liebherr’s technology will save you from the icy and wet walls.

Berries and other fruits, both fresh and dried, can be used to produce fruit suede or crumbs. Firm fruits can be thinly sliced and quickly soaked in sugar syrup with lemon juice before drying for several hours in a minimal (95°C or 200°F) microwave on a silicone baking sheet. Fruit that has been prepared in the same manner can also be baked in a dryer. Citrus peels can be candied by poaching them in sugar syrup, then cooling them in your Liebherr and finally coating them in finely powdered sugar. Too many fruits kept together can cause lots of chaos, and odour problems. To be in a safe place, preserve your fruit garnishes best with Liebherr’s DuoCooling feature, causing no odour exchange while also preventing them from drying out.

It doesn’t take much to make buttercream. All you need is butter, icing sugar, flavoured extract and a few drops of milk. And some Liebherr magic wouldn’t hurt! Buttercream is one of the most popular cake frostings as it can be made into different flavours, different colours and can be presented in a variety of ways too; from piped swirls to a smooth palette-knife finish. You can also turn your buttercream into a cream cheese frosting by substituting the butter. If you want to get the frosting ready quickly, preserve it with the help of Liebherr’s SuperFrost technology. It swiftly drops the temperature to -25°C, resulting in cold air that preserves all of the important vitamins. Once the food is entirely frozen, the SuperFrost technology returns to regular mode, conserving power.

Marshmallows, whether melted or whole, are a simple method of converting a standard bake into a fine piece of art. Pile them onto the pinnacle of your cake or gradually melt them over a low flame on the stove and sprinkle over the top – the choice is yours. Marshmallows are inexpensive in most stores, making them an ideal choice for birthday parties, cakes or food gifts.

Mixed nuts are ideal for transforming the appearance of your cake. You may coat the entire cake from top to bottom, or you can dust some on the base of your icing – whichever one you choose, your cake will still look fantastic. Preserve your nuts best with Liebherr’s ‘nut-case’ also called FlipBox. FlipBox is that elegant, compact box with a convenient design that fits neatly on the shelf.

While we could go on and on about the garnishes for desserts, we tried best to stick with the classics. But remember, a little extra garnish did no harm. So, indulge away!