Happy New Year!

The new year gives us all a chance to refresh and reload, allowing us to let go of what needs to be removed from our lives and have a clean slate. I’ve always seen the New year as a massive reset to my life something that I think a lot of us can use from time to time.    

Some 4,000 years ago the Babylonians decided to make new year resolutions, they were going to change something in their life to either refrain from doing something or do something over the course of the coming year. For most it has something to do with giving up a certain food they like, chasing after something they may not have felt ready to do before. Either way it is a practice that predates us all and has carried on through generations.

It is something that I have decided needs to be slightly tweaked and changed for the people that are like me. I am terrible at keeping my new year’s resolutions, I am always overly ambitious, I say things in the heat of the moment and then never want to follow through. Either way by the time January ends I have failed miserably and I am stuffing my face with the sweet treat I said I wouldn’t have for the year. I realised I just never wanted my resolution enough to make it work. So for the people like me I invite you to choose a word for your year, to define the year with a word rather than a resolution.

For some their word is happiness, they want to by the end of the year be happy, be truly happy without the fake smiles and wandering eyes they are going to put their happiness first. For others it’s their health, they want to define the year by looking after their health. Some businesses even choose a word for their year for Liebherr it’s innovation and for me it is dream.

I am daring myself to dream.

If you’ve ever looked at the article 100 pieces of advice from 100-year-olds then you will understand why I want to define 2023 with the word dream.

There’s so many things I have always wanted to do, to achieve and I seem to be my own worst enemy when it comes to achieving all that I once dreamed of, so this year I am dedicating it to my dreams.

Whether it is the dream custom appliance that I always wanted to make, that is so unique people will have to stop and stare for a while longer or whether it is to skydive or learning how to cook this is the year of dreams . 

This is the year I try; this is the year I dedicate to my wildest dreams.

I would love to know what you are defining your year with.

Will you dare to dream?

There is a quote from the article 100 pieces of advice from 100-year-olds that has truly inspired me and I think it will inspire you too, so as this post comes to an end I want to leave you with this.

‘Number 49 “My inspiration is Robert Browning’s poem ‘Abt Vogler.’ My father used to read it to me. It encourages us to make big art, not small scribbles. It says to try to draw a circle so huge that there is no way we can finish it while we are alive. All we see is an arch; the rest is beyond our vision, but it is there in the distance.”


Written by Naomi