Children have a tendency to develop a liking towards certain food items and then sticking to it rigidly. Often these favourite items are junk foods that mess with their appetite and health. Just making them eat food is a bigger task than making them eat healthy food. Thus, when kids demand their preferred food, parents come up with the most creative ways to still make them nutritious.

A well known fact is that most children love heroes. They love seeing these heroes save the world and the victory of good over evil. Children are envious, and aspire to be like them someday. One moment it is just an ordinary person on the screen, and the next minute they’re defeating the villain and destroying them to pieces. Parents take inspiration from this, and put the dry fruits into different food items in order to protect their children’s daily health quotient of vitamins and minerals. A few ways to do this are:

Morning breakfast? Add almond powder to the glass of milk.
Having a sweet tooth? Behold the power of raisins.
Making soup for a meal? Bring in the cashews.
Cookies for snacks? Dates to the rescue!
Frequent pasta days? Walnuts can join in the secret sauce recipe.

Tricking them is the easiest way out. Because a normal day in a child’s life is filled with many activities that require physical and mental energy. Hence it is important to ensure that you have an ample amount of dry fruits stocked in your refrigerator that can be part of your child’s daily diet. Along with keeping them in the glass jars in Liebherr freezers, you can follow these tips to ensure that their quality is not compromised:

– Observe any moisture in your dry fruits, if visible, dry them after dehydrating
– Never keep them in places where they are exposed towards light. They can last from 6 months to a year depending on the preservation methods
– Always keep the old ones in a different packing so that it’s easier for you to use them before the new stock

While everyone considers dry fruits as heroes, not many people know the reason behind their forced consumption. It’s true, many of us have been told – “Eat almonds, they’re good for your brain.” While that is one of the benefits, there are many more advantages of consuming dry fruits daily that no one really speaks about. They all enrich our health in their own ways. Here are a few acts of protection by these tiny heroes in our body:

Hero – Prune

– Superpower – Stronger bones
– Achievement unlocked – Better grip to snatch the last slice of pizza.

Hero – Hazelnut

– Superpower – Better digestion
– Achievement unlocked – Desserts and more desserts!

Hero – Cashew

– Superpower – Boosts the immune system
– Achievement unlocked – Sound sleep after a good meal.

Hero – Pistachio

– Superpower – Keeps skin healthy
– Achievement unlocked – Perfect selfies.

Hero – Walnut

– Superpower – Increase in stamina
– Achievement unlocked – Quick run to the fridge for that hidden chocolate!

Next time, let your little one choose their favourite heroes to join their meals, because at the end of the day it’s all about saving the world (read: tricking them into eating healthy), right?